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EvolvedFights – Andre Shakti, Chad Diamond 

Andre Shakti is what evolved Fights sex fighting is all about. She is skilled, sensual, rough when she needs to be and sweet if someone deserves it. Chad diamond has had some losses and that has really gotten to him. He isn’t proud of his losses and now he’s on a mission to show everyone he’s not a pushover. Today this match is pretty even. One wrestler has to resort to submission to show dominance and it works. The penalties…

BDSM, Fighting

EvolvedFights – Chad Diamond, Vanessa Vega 

Vanessa Vega is Always fun to watch. She hates being on the bottom and she hates losing. Chad loves rubbing in dominance to his opponents. He trash talks and teases his opponents so much that it lights a fire under their assess to try to win so they can make that man humble. Vanessa pulls out all the stops. She struggles underneath this man and refuses to lose. Can she do what it takes to take the cum from behind…


EvolvedFights – Aria Khaide, Chad Diamond 

The Jersey Hit woman is Back. Aria Khaide is a tall lean athlete MILF with a wrestling background. She brought her strap on today with the intent of fucking Chad Diamond in the asshole. Chad has no problem getting fucked in the ass but if you are going to take his ass you need to earn his ass. Chad is on a winning streak and he does not want to lose today. He puts a wrestling clinic on ms. Aria….

BDSM, Female Domination, Scissorhold

EvolvedFights – Bella Rossi, Chad Diamond 

Chad Ruby gets on a good winning streak so we needed to throw him one of our most difficult sex boxers, Bella Rossi, to help drop him down a peg. Regrettably for Bella, Chad has been educating difficult to guarantee victory and however for Chad, Bella is adaptable sufficient to get out of his holds. This suit is 3 rounds of amazing sexual fumbling on screen. Both Bella and also Chad have the ability to get their challengers into pins…

BDSM, Fighting

EvolvedFights – Chad Diamond, Sheena Ryder 

Sheena Ryder has fight training from Offering in the Armed force. She has heart, toughness as well as experience. She is available in with high assumptions for herself and also she provides. Nevertheless, Chad Diamond is feeling like a punk today. Chad and Sheena know each other very well. They work together a whole lot and they know how to press each other’s switches. So today these 2 trash talk each other like only two actual pals can. Sheena is…


EvolvedFights – Chad Diamond, Miss Demeanor 

Chad Ruby is back and also he’s taking on our most difficult women rookie for the period, Miss Behavior. Miss has some power in her limbs which she thinks will make the difference in the suit today. Chad has actually been training routinely and also he thinks his skill is going to dominate this young lady. Chad places his skills on display immediately. He faucets out his solid amazon challenger over and over again in round one just to get…


EvolvedFights – Chad Diamond, Riley Reyes 

Chad Ruby has actually been training difficult for his suits. He never ever wishes to shed again. He assumes he’s mosting likely to have a very easy day with a woman that is New to Advanced Battles. Please welcome, Riley Reyes to the roster. She is a brazilian Jiu Jitsu Blue Belt and she has some dress up her sleeves however, this is nude sex fighting so there are no sleeves. Riley likes rolling about with me, She likes being…

BDSM, Fighting

EvolvedFights – Chad Diamond, Mocha Menage 

We have actually discovered ourselves a new star! Please offer a warm welcome to miss out on Mocha “Choka” Menage. This is her first time battling on a phase but she has a lots of experience wrestling in the bed room for fun. She is handling Chad ruby, who has a great deal of floor covering experience and it reveals today. Chad most definitely has the upper hand in battling today yet Mocha has a method of seducing her challenger…


DigitalSin – Trinity St Clair, Jake Adams, Will Pounder, Chad Diamond 

Trinity Enjoys A Few Good Men Dressed to eliminate hotwife Trinity awaits all the men that cum to her today and is trickling wet knowing she will have her hands full of tough dick to stroke as well as choke on. She gracefully gets to her knees for all her hubbies close friends to slip into her starving warm mouth and also got to fuck her tits too for gallons of hot cum for Trinity to feed upon.


EvolvedFights – Chad Diamond, Stephie Staar 

Stephie Staar is coming off a success over Tony Orlando. Not only did she ruin “the psycho” in wrestling, she made him stop after 2 rounds of fumbling and afterwards she ruined his butthole. She has a thrist for fucking loser butthole now as well as her eye gets on the brownish reward. She is figured out to control Chad Ruby today. Chad Diamond had a rough start to his sex fighting carreer. He was thrown to the wolves for…

BDSM, Fighting

EvolvedFights – Chad Diamond, Julie Rocket 

Chad Ruby has actually not won a suit yet. He actually took his last 2 losses to heart and also started training once again. He has actually come prepared today. He is taking on a girl who outweighs him by over 70lbs. We rate the magnificent ane penalty BBW, Julie Rocket to the mats. She does not have considerable wrestling ability but she knows how to utilize her weight. She’s a solid as well as powerful female who is really…

BDSM, Fighting

EvolvedFights – Arielle Aquinas, Chad Diamond 

Arielle Aquinas is Back and has more fire than ever. She didn’t quite understand in her first match that we WANT women to win. She was having a subby day that day and she wanted to be dominated by her first male opponent, Rick Fantana. Today, Subby Arielle is long gone, she’s in the mood to fuck some poor guy’s asshole……enter poor guy’s asshole….Chad Diamond is one of the fan favorites. He has a few losses on his record which…

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