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Ashley Wildcat is out on the prowl again looking for another victim she can terrorize with her powerful thighs, and tight glutes, built for smothering. Ashley challenges chadam to an arm wrestling match on the bed to start things off. The match was pretty intense, in fact Ashley said he looked stronger than he was. As they grunt and groan trying to win, Chadam over powers Ashley and wins. Well that made Ashley’s temper burst and she leaped across the bed attacking him. Ashley finally gets chadam onto his back and jumps right on top facesitting him. With each tap, she lifts up ever so slightly then slams back down. She was visibly still upset and is about to make chadam pay for that. Ashley rolls to the side and places chadams head firmly between her thighs and squeezes. Her face turns to sheer joy now as he is trapped in her powerful legs watching his face turn red as she slowly adds more pressure around his neck. she verbally bashes him, and before he could say anything back, she squeezes and covers his mouth with her hand, delivering a perfect hand over mouth smother. Ashley then rolls back on top into a tight facesit, still verbally trashing him. From there Ashley flips into reverse trapping his head tight between her thighs as she begins to squeeze. Her reverse straight leg is extremely powerful and devastating and chadam feels the wrath now of Ashley immense power. He was making oddly strange noises with each squeeze she latched on. As he taps he tapped her ass, then she got upset again, saying: “Did you just touch my ass?” He said no, that he touched her leg, but she insisted he touched her ass.

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