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Ever wonder what it’s like to be a domestic slave to not one, but two Goddesses? Well watch and find out!

Being a domestic Domme requires having a domestic slave. These are real life situations that a Domme like me can’t come up with. Take for example the slave in this video. His name is David. After a long day of shooting, he came over from his boring ass 10 hour a day job just to bring Katelyn and I dinner. He prepared it by putting the sushi on plates and serving it to us.

He then waited on his knees for more instructions. Katelyn poured some beer in his man bowl and forced him to drink it like a good puppy. We took things a little further by putting wasabi in the beer and a worm for him to try. There is nothing a real slave can’t do in front of two beautiful Dommes, is there?

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