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Female Domination

THE DOMESTIC SLAVE LIFE feat Astrodomina & Katelyn Brooks 

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a domestic slave to not one, but two Goddesses? Well watch and find out! Being a domestic Domme requires having a domestic slave. These are real life situations that a Domme like me can’t come up with. Take for example the slave in this video. His name is David. After a long day of shooting, he came over from his boring ass 10 hour a day job just to bring Katelyn and I…

Female Domination, Slapping

MeanGirlBella – Face Slapping Frustration Relief 

I come through the front door in a huff. Someone cut me off in traffic. Luckily, my slave is bowed with its ugly face to floor in worship of me- right where I left it several hours ago when I went out. I snap my fingers and command it to kneel up. Then I proceed to slap him right across the face over and over, expressing my displeasure at the other driver. (and since I cant beat HIM- I will…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions

Goddess Harley – Bullied Cuz No One Likes You 

  Awe, are those bullies at school picking on you again, LOL! Well, I had a talk with the parents but it seems it might have made things even worse for you. Hehe, sorry for laughing but to be honest nobody like you and we all kinda laugh about this. Your sisters and I all hate your guts and the whole family has been fucking with you this whole time. For instance, did you know we spit in your cereal…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions

American Mean Girls – Goddess Nina Elle – Inferior Couple 

  You WISH your wife looked like ME, don’t you? Too bad. Don’t worry, you could have never had me anyway LOL. I am SOOO out of your league! But you know what you CAN do? WORSHIP Me. That’s right. KNEEL before me and GROVEL at my feet. If you worship me as your superior, I MAY allow you in my life…You will also need to shower me with gifts. And MONEY. I may even put you on an allowance…

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