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My servants are nothing but play things for My vicious experiments and misuse. I’ve put this one in a laborious position on the bondage tool, so I can experiment and also torment his genital areas. In order to maintain him dealt with in place (and also cause him pain) I shove an anal link his anus and also affix it to his collar. Each time the bitch wriggles and also squirms he’s mosting likely to feel it deep in his arsehole! The genuine experiment comes when I start to hammer the thick nails through his scrotum as well as foreskin, toenailing that penis skin as well as repairing his round sack all around the sides to the wood plank. Now that I have his full attention, it’s time to attach the electrodes to the nails and increase the power. I wonder just how much the bitch can take in the past he breaks? I’m going to have a good time learning!

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