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Female Domination

Mistress Lady Renee – Pay Up Pig 

It’s pay day bitch, time to hand over your hard earned cash, just to save yourself from being exposed as the pervert loser that you are. I have all of those incriminating and embarrassing pictures of you, you remember don’t you? How much do you think they are worth? It is so easy for Me to send it to your step-mother, share it with your friends, expose you to your boss. Beg all you like bitch, but the only thing…

Female Domination

Mistress Lady Renee – Humiliating Win For Dicklette 

Hello and welcome to the presentation of The World’s Smallest penis Award. Today you will see the smallest, ugliest, most pathetic excuse for a cock you have ever seen. There were many contenders for this not so prestigious prize and the winning small dick loser has been decided! Just look at how embarrassed and humiliated he is! With a micro dick such as this one, I’m not surprised, he should be feeling humiliated! Especially as I am sharing this online…

Female Domination, Spanking & Whipping

Mistress Lady Renee – Interrogation Motivation 

I have a collection of prisoners, held Stolen in My various dungeons and holding cells. I frequently carry out My intense interrogations to find out the information I need. Today I will continue My **** interrogation of this insolent male prisoner as he continues to resist giving Me the answers I want, the answers I know he has. I will motivate him to give up the information by whipping his bare ass with a selection of My leather whips. I…


MistressLadyRenee – Leather Hooded Gimp Gets Fucked 

My hooded ass-slut recognizes it needs to follow My orders as well as make itself available for My strap-on fucking satisfaction whenever I want it. I maintain the gimp silenced, its mouth full of a penis-gag, its holes are Mine and also will certainly be used on demand. I have additionally begun to make this slut right into a genuine whore, dressing it in underwear as well as boots, making it into a total slut for My strap-on prick. With…

CBT & Ballbusting, Female Domination

Mistress Lady Renee: “Pin Poke Those Balls” 

When I screw My servant right into the cock and round pillory, he is obviously feeling rather anxious as well as afraid (and rightly so!). For when his rounds are at My mercy as well as he is limited in such a way he can not prevent the impending sphere torment, there is sure to be CBT pain as well as suffering en route. I have screwed those servant nuts right into the gadget as well as ensure they are…

CBT & Ballbusting, Female Domination

Mistress Lady Renee: “Experimentation Position” 

My servants are nothing but play things for My vicious experiments and misuse. I’ve put this one in a laborious position on the bondage tool, so I can experiment and also torment his genital areas. In order to maintain him dealt with in place (and also cause him pain) I shove an anal link his anus and also affix it to his collar. Each time the bitch wriggles and also squirms he’s mosting likely to feel it deep in his…

Female Domination, Male Insertions, Smoking

QueensOfKink – Stretched Asshole Ashtray 

Making use of a servant as our ashtray comes normally to us, all openings can serve that purpose. We determine to extend his BUTTHOLE really wide with our gloved hands and also flick our hot ashes directly in there. This slut will certainly feel himself being anally widened as well as filled up for our cigarette smoking satisfaction.

Female Domination

FemmeFataleFilms – Locked Up Sissy 

Ironing skimpy panties shouldn’t take long, yet the sissy maid had been handling them for hours! She had previously been locked into a chastity device to prevent her from playing with herself, but still she couldn’t seem to concentrate. Reprimanded for her sloppy work, Mistress Heather and Mistress Lady Renee take matters into their own hands and decide some physical punishment is in order. They bend her over the kitchen worktop and start with a hard hand spanking, before turning…

Shoe & Boots

FemmeFataleFilms – Brutal Boots 

The male candidate is new to boot slavery, but he knows he desperately wants to worship leather boots! The two Mistresses are not going to let him get his kicks, without them getting theirs though! They start by teasing him with their sumptuously soft black leather thigh boots, whilst one dangles them over his face, the other Mistress crushes his cock, balls and nipples. They dig their heels deep into his nipples and stomp on his genitals. He’ll get to…

Spanking & Whipping

FemmeFataleFilms – Brutal Bastinado – Mistress Lady Renee 

  It’s rare to see bastinado done with any great force and for that matter precision, for the simple reason the victim will usually be unable to take the extreme levels of pain and will need to stop and limp away! In this session, Mistress Lady Renee devised a simple yet effective method for preventing her slave from getting away! This allowed her to give the slave the beating of his life with sadistic accuracy right on the sensitive soles…

Face Dildo, Female Domination

FemmeFataleFilms – Mouth Fuck 

  The slave is new to cock sucking, so the two Mistresses decide to hurl him in at the deep end with some aggresive cock sucking and gagging. Their ample size appendages are not for beginners, but the tears it brings to his eyes only make the two Dommes break his cock sucking virginity with more brutality.

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