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As our slaves rest in their cell, the sound of high heel boots echos around the dungeon. Miss Tess and I are hungry for pain and we intend on using our subjects to inflict our most sadistic CBT desires upon.

We shake the bars of the cage to wake the slaves and then waste no time in commencing their painful treatment. Grabbing at their cock and balls with our sharp nails we decide upon our first implement of torment – the Kali’s teeth cock ring! Once firmly secured in place Miss Tess and I take it in turns to place harsh clamps upon our slaves balls; they moan and wince in pain, but they know they must suffer greatly for their latex clad goddesses. By the time all of the clamps are used our slaves are screaming in agony and begging us to stop; the painful predicaments do not stop – they only get worse.

We add deep heat cream to increase the painful sensations, burning the tips of their sensitive members whilst running pin wheels all over their balls. Our slaves are completely overwhelmed with pain and suffering but their desire to please and worship our tight latex bodies drives them on until they are close to tears.

Slave A finally pleads for mercy, Miss Tess silences his screams with her boot whilst I cruelly remove the clamps from his tender testicles. A Kali’s teeth cock stoke marks the end of our slaves’ CBT trials and we declare slave B the winner. Slave A must be humiliated further and spend the rest of the day kneeling in the piss corner.

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