Ok, now we are getting into the thick of it. True, humiliation and degradation are such an important part of owning a man but torture is what really puts him in his place. It’s reminds him of the consequences of disobedience, and his suffering serves as amusement for the girls. Marie brings out some whips and leads off, whipping this slave with no pity in a demonstration of how the male gender needs to be treated to be fully obedient. Tysen is eager to try and quickly joins in on the fun as does Karmen, and soon all the girls are whipping him at the same time! Tysen in particular seems exceptionally ruthless as the cute young thing doesn’t hold back, she whips him with all her might as he screams and struggles to absorb the pain. Now he is riddled with fresh whip marks for the girls to point at with glee, they caused those marks and they loved every minute of it!

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