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There is so much torment in this clip, I LOVE it!! I came home to find my loser slave licking and sniffing a pair of my shoes without permission…which is a ‘slave sin!’ This clip is completely unplanned and begins as I have him over my knee, spanking his bare ass and apologizing profusely. I have strict rules about this–you CANNOT touch my shoes unless I say so!! I have dumbass remove my shoe, place it on the floor and bury his face in it and smell my foot scent while I abuse him. I get REALLY turned on inflicting pain and decide to continue my cruelties with whatever comes to mind next–which includes ball kicking, squeezing his balls hard and smacking them with my hand, nylon foot sniffing, pussy and asshole licking, and spitting. ALL SUCH a turn on that I have 2 wonderful orgasms while my shameful slave licks me on his knees. In the end, I make him lay on the floor and balance my stinky, grimy converse shoes on his face and stroke his cock into an orgasm…then make him lick his own cum off the bottom of my shoes!!! My foot odor and icky shoe bottoms makes him orgasm…what a total loser!!! I can’t BELIEVE the pain and humiliation someone will endure just to be my slave LMAO!!

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