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So tell me, would you like to trade places with this victim – struggling with heavy chains in a dark, sealed chest in an equally grim, locked dungeon and gasping for breath with a gunny sack tied tightly over his head? The cruel, beautiful DIANA VON BÁTHORY inspects HER victim. Pleasure through physical and emotional pain – that was the motto and way of life pioneered by HER direct ancestor, COUNTESS ELISABETH BÁTHORY of Transylvania, famous for HER legendary, murderous lust. Woe be it to he who came into HER CLUTCHES! It would appear that not much has changed in the family. Heavy chains rattle through the eyelet fasteners. This poor lost sod ain’t goin’ nowhere, but he may feel a few things on the way. With his legs bound and spread-eagled, his motionlessly bound cock is already aching after a trampling under her black platform boot and totally defenceless against the perverted lusts of the ALL-POWERFUL COUNTESS. SHE has a disturbing glint of cruel pleasure in her cold, beautiful eyes as SHE seizes a monstrously heavy stone weight in HER sadistic, -lusty hands.

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