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Female Domination

Kinky Mistresses – Lucia Exentric Sexy Ccbt on The Rubber Bed 

  Featuring Mistress Lucia Exentric loves to torture her slaves, as this luckyvictim knows all too well. His cock,nipples and ass are stretched by her before she stuffs the steel poles into hiscock for her entertainment. The maskedslave is unable to do anything more than groan with pleasure. Parts: 3 Total Duration: 17 minutes 10 seconds Photos: 20 Tags: cbt, cock, sounds

Female Domination

Diana von Báthory – The Countess 1 

So tell me, would you like to trade places with this victim – struggling with heavy chains in a dark, sealed chest in an equally grim, locked dungeon and gasping for breath with a gunny sack tied tightly over his head? The cruel, beautiful DIANA VON BÁTHORY inspects HER victim. Pleasure through physical and emotional pain – that was the motto and way of life pioneered by HER direct ancestor, COUNTESS ELISABETH BÁTHORY of Transylvania, famous for HER legendary, murderous…

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