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Miss Jasmine doesn’t care that her husband struggles to get erect or he can’t get hard like he did some years back. “I have a cure for everything” she says as the camera reveals she has fitted him with a big black strap-on cock. She’s pleased but imagine how humiliating it is for hubby knowing he is locked away under the harness while she gets amazing satisfaction from a cock that far exceeds his even on his best day. She mounts him and has the big cock glide into her wet pussy. Soon she is moaning and groaning and she shows that the dildo even has big black balls. She suggests that men like you should make a point of getting a strap-on because not only can a woman use it to fuck you but it gives her the option to fasten it to you so she can be pleasured too.

“Every woman deserves a nice juicy cock” she says while continuing to ride up and down on her big black monster. Poor hubby just lays there and doesn’t say a word. “Your girlfriend might also need a real man on the side but this is a gateway” she says with a giggle. Now she reverses so she is facing hubby and starts to really thrust the cock. She bends over to give you a great view of the cock going in and out of her pussy. Jasmine then reveals that the Doctor told hubby that Viagra would work but she figured why waste the money when his cock was never that great to begin with. “How does my pussy feel?” she asks hubby who just lays there accepting his lot in life. She touches her wet pussy and says how amazing it feels but next time he will be wearing a bigger one. Finally after being pleased she removes the strap-on and sticks the cock in his mouth so he can taste her. She rubs his dick that looks so small compared to the dildo as she tells him that next for him is sucking her boyfriends cock. Just as he starts to get aroused she announces that she has to get ready for a date and leaves him high and dry.

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