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Romi laughes as she battles scrawny little Ellis on her bed. The boy is so tiny she could squash him! How weird it is for a lady to be bigger and more powerful than a young boy. Poor Ellis is humiliated as he is intimidated by the lady. He can not fight back. Romi rests on Ellis’ breast and also pins him down. She is having a great deal of enjoyable embarrassing the weak boy. Ellis wants Romi to stop injuring him, however she will not. What can he actually do about it? Romi catches Ellis between her upper legs. He dislikes his life. Ellis rallies a little bit to attempt and also stand up to however Romi simply pokes fun at his useless initiatives. Ellis kicks his little feet in protest as Romi places his face. He can not breathe underneath her. Romi simply giggles as the child struggles in demonstration. Also weak to fight, Ellis catches Romi.

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