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BratPrincess2 – Wrestles A Little Guy 

Romi laughes as she battles scrawny little Ellis on her bed. The boy is so tiny she could squash him! How weird it is for a lady to be bigger and more powerful than a young boy. Poor Ellis is humiliated as he is intimidated by the lady. He can not fight back. Romi rests on Ellis’ breast and also pins him down. She is having a great deal of enjoyable embarrassing the weak boy. Ellis wants Romi to stop…

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Cuckold Big White Cock 

My stupid husband cannot please me, he is one big disappointment after the next. He is not a man, he cannot fuck me right, his dick is way to small, he has no chest hair, way to feminine for me and short! I have always wanted to be with a BIG White American Cock!! My husband is so small! Not white! We are in the middle of a fight when there is a knock at the door, its the Insurance…

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Humiliatrix – Remi and Becky Ridicule and Mock Your Laughable Loser Cock 

  “Becky was telling me how worthless, useless and tiny your little your cock is. She even showed me the pink, baby-sized rubbers you keep on hand in case a woman takes mercy on you for a charity fuck. But I want to SEE your little cock for myself. I want you to unzip and show me just how riDICKulous you are..”   Princess Remi, Princess Becky, size comparison, super mean SPH, jerk taunts…

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