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Miss Ravyn Alexa has Her ass slave in the dungeon, chained with his hands above his head, blindfolded and awaiting his next session of ass training. He is expecting another session of ass worship, ass smothering, deep anal licking and tongue fucking, kissing, etc. However, She has decided to surprise the slave by amping up his training, due to an upset stomach from a fast-food meal that has given Her a case of painful gas. The slave has no idea as Miss Ravyn enters the dungeon wearing just a thong-backed one-piece min-kini and 5 inch black stiletto spike heels. She walks in slowly and squats down in front of the sightless slave:

“Well slave, I had a lunch that gave me bad gas, and so I’ve decided we will step up your ass training today. You need to get more intimately familiar with the inside of my ass-things that most people would consider disgusting. But you’ll be smelling so much of mine, you’ll get used to it quickly, I’m sure”

The slave starts protesting:

“But Mistress, Your FARTS? Why are You doing this to me?”

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