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A blast from the past can be fun sometimes. Or a disaster. Running into me will turn out to be fun for me, and a disaster for you.

You run into your old girlfriend Sydney at the mall. She looks amazing so you invite her to come over to your house. You’re married now but you’ve always had great memories of your time with Sydney. As she sits down you can see the tits shine through her top. Wow. And she bends over to check out your wall decor giving you a nice glimpse of that amazing ass. Another thing that hasn’t changed is her kinky mind. She suggests a little game. You’re obviously turned on so why not? She makes you take off your pants and pull out your now hard dick. You can’t refuse and start jerking it for her. What an amazing reunion this has turned out to be, until she shocks you with an unexpected twist. You didn’t see that coming…

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