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“Ready to film some head scissor?” Queen Riot Starter asks her helpless slave. It doesn’t really matter what his answer is, his head is going to be crushed between her thighs whether he wants it or not! (Really tho, who wouldn’t want that??) That’s not all this slave is in for though, Riot Starter also enjoys smothering her slaves! She expertly switches between head-crushing, breath taking scissor holds and intense ass smothering! As soon as she releases her scissor-hold she quickly sits up and buries the slave’s face beneath her, cutting off his breathing just as he gasps for air. “I go from taking your breath away to not letting you have a breath! I like being a Goddess!” In fact, Riot Starter is having so much fun that she’s decided she’s going to keep this slave zipped up long term! He’ll stay right here and be her permanent scissor and smother bitch for life!

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