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Two rich women are having a drink in a bar and discussing how money can buy anything – even people. Julie gives the example of the bartender and tells her friend Chantal that if she offers him enough money he would do anything they asked. To prove this fact she offers him money to lock the doors and take his clothes off for them. When the bartender sees that it is as much money as he earns in a week he agrees. Once naked, the girls start carressing his body and touching his cock before Julie offers him some more money if he will bend over and let them put things in his asshole. Again the money makes him agree and the laughing girls then push a candle in his asshole and light it! They then try a bottle and finally Chantal fucks his asshole with a cucumber while Julie sits on his face and makes him eat her pussy. As he licks her, Julie strokes his cock and he soon spunks all over himself while the cucumber is still being shoved up his ass!
Chantal Ferrera, Julia Silver
Tags: Dildo, Facesitting, Female Nudity, Group, Handjob, MILF

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