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Girls Abuse Guys – Anything For Money 

  Two rich women are having a drink in a bar and discussing how money can buy anything – even people. Julie gives the example of the bartender and tells her friend Chantal that if she offers him enough money he would do anything they asked. To prove this fact she offers him money to lock the doors and take his clothes off for them. When the bartender sees that it is as much money as he earns in a…

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Girls Abuse Guys – Door To Door Salesman 

  Olivia is at her friend Natalie’s house. Natalie says that she has this door to door salesman who comes round every day pestering her and won’t leave her alone. As they are talking there is a knock on the door but Olivia tells her to leave it to her to deal with him. The salesman asks Olivia if Natalie is at home and she lets him in. As they talk, it is clear that he fancies Natalie and Olivia…

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Girls Abuse Guys – Studio Renovation 

  Lea and Candy are renovating their studio but when the painter arrives, the girls realise they have forgotten to order the paint. Candy thinks the painter is really cute though and the girls challenge him to a game of strip poker while they wait for the paint to be delivered. The poor painter keeps losing and is soon naked and having to wank in front of the girls while they laugh at him. They play another hand and when…

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Girls Abuse Guys – Shy Girl 

  It’s Aubrey’s birthday and because her friends Holly and Nikki are concerned about how shy she is with guys, they decide to get her a naked guy as a present. He walks in and they announce that he is her own personal fuck toy to do whatever she wants with. But to their surprise, Aubrey doesn’t want him to fuck her – she wants to fuck him and wants her friends to join in! The guy is less than…

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Girls Abuse Guys – More Please Miss 

  Blonde stunner Helen is such a sexy girl that men will do anything to see her naked. Ugly loser Frank has agreed to let Helen abuse him in any way she likes, just so he can see her naked. He can’t believe his luck when he gets to feel her tits and she then starts wanking his cock. Unfortunately for him she soon turns him over and starts shoving her wide collection of dildos up his ass. Once she…

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Girls Abuse Guys – Angel Velvet, Jessica Potter – Agency Girls 

  Johan has to spend the night in a hotel so has decided to call up an escort agency and get some girls in to entertain him for the night. When the girls arrive they are brunette and beautiful and Johan strips off, excited about having sex with these two hot girls. The girls ask him what his favourite position is and when he says “doggie” they smile at each other and Angel hands him a business card. She explains…

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