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What a beautiful day to relax. These are the sentiments of Adriana as she settle down on the matz for a little stretching and yoga exercise. Now right before Adriana was just about to find peace and tranquility her pompous ass of a sugar daddy interrupts her with insults and wanting her to cook dinner as he often do seeing that he is always over to her place… well his place because he pays for her to live lavishly but sometimes Adriana would wish he will fulfill his sugar daddy duties then stay away. With that being said, Adriana had enough and will no longer put up with his mess. She pulls him down with the chair on to his back and smashed her female pubic pantyhose area on his face suffocating him. “Not so fast” she thought to herself as sugar daddy frantically tries to get free from her, ripping away at her pantyhose. Now Adriana is really mad, she reposition herself for a side headscissor and no matter how much the sugar daddy pushes, tugs or squirm, Adriana enjoys delivery one slow crafted fatality.

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