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There’s nothing Kandy appreciates more than some quality time with her step-son. Kandy has done the perfect job raising him; he’s become a boy any woman would be proud of, as he worships her, thinks only of her and does whatever she says. The scene opens with Kandy running Her hands through juniors hair… while he rubs his cock. Earlier, Kandy used junior as Her toilet, and suddenly She feels things moving so lets out a huge fart. Junior is used to this sort of thing and doesn’t even flinch… although Kandy has been wondering lately if he is a bit slow. It’s probably just Her imagination! Now She tells him She’s going to sit on his face. “This is My idea of fun, watching My boy kick and squirm for air under My ass.”

All this action has gotten junior rock-hard and he’s ready for Kandy’s big plump ass. Kandy gets up on Her knees and sits full-weight on his face. She tells him to smack his hands on the floor if he can’t breathe. She’d just hate to get up while he still has a bit of air in his lungs. While he’s already pretty stupid, she wouldn’t mind wiping out some additional brain cells to prevent him from thinking about anyone else but Her. Up and down Kandy goes on his face. “I love doing this in My spare time”, She says. She gets a kick out of seeing him kick. After crushing him to the point of making him kick repeatedly, She asks if he’s had enough: “Are you ready to be locked in your cage?”. “No” he pleads. Kandy sits firmly on his face, it’s time for Junior to get some sleep and when he wakes up he’ll be back in his cage where he belongs until she needs the house cleaned or is just looking for some more kicks.

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