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Like Goddess Amelia would expect from any of her desperate slaves you obviously would prefer to give her an all over tongue bath but today she is going to tease you instead by making you watch as she soaps and cleans her own body while you kneel naked outside the tub. In true Club Stiletto style Amelia titillates you with her words and body starting by sticking her luscious ass in your face as she steps into the water. First she bathes with the jets on, laying back and enjoying the hot water. she then reaches for the bar of soap and proceeds to run it over every inch of her body.

When she kneels and gets soap all over her ass crack she tells you to go ahead and lick it. What a way to get your mouth washed out with soap. Worth to have your tongue on her ass and pussy. Once she is squeaky clean she again lays back, bringing her foot over the edge of the tub. “Why don’t you suck on my big toe” she says, her generous side popping out.

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