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This scene opens with sexy Princess Lily resting on the bed and the camera hovering over and around her gorgeous plump ass. The camera pulls back to reveal her slave kneeling nearby. She tells him to crawl over to the end of the bed to kiss her ass. “He’s a natural born ass kisser” she says as the slave lovingly kisses every inch of exposed flesh. She then tells him to lay on the bed. She sits on his face in reverse position and the flesh wraps around his head and seals off the air completely. She starts to wiggle her ass which is a beautiful sight but makes sure not to lift up as she wants to see him kicking.

Great up close angles of Lily’s amazing ass. She then starts to lift up and do butt drops on his face before she turns around into a forward position. She asks the slave if he thought she might ever let him fuck her and then says it’ll never happen although she might let him listen to someone else fucking her. Next she slides her panties to the side and tells the slave to stick out his tongue, she wants to feel it deep in her asshole. As she sits on him she looks over and says “I bet you wish it was you.” Finally she settles right in, dropping her legs off the bed so he takes her full weight and laughs as he kicks beneath her.

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