A quick snack.mp4 snapshot 01.56.533

You begged Goddess Estancia to make your vore fantasy come true and swallow you alive and she agreed. She warned you that you would just be a snack for her, not a pet. She told you there would be no changing your mind, if she shrinks you she WILL eat you. Of course all you could think about was being swallowed whole and trapped in the belly of this sexy young Goddess. Now you’re here, shrunk and trapped in a bowl of shrunken people snacks. You watch your giantess Goddess as she relaxes and eats one of her snacks. Then her hand reaches in the bowl again, her fingers press into you, trapping you in her grip, and now its your time. Just be happy she remembers your wish to be swallowed alive and try to enjoy being digested in her tummy!

A quick and simple vore clip. Estancia doesn’t play with you or speak to you for long. To her you’re just a snack!

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