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Our slave finds himself alone, naked and in the presence of two true sadists, Domina Ruby and Miss Jasmine. Jasmine asks him, “Are you ok, would you like a warmup, to be coddled?” “Yes”, he foolishly replies. Jasmine gives his balls a few gentle slaps and then squeezes them as hard as she can which make Ruby laugh with pleasure. Coddle, my ass. Less than a minute into the scene Jasmine is already delivering round after round of knees to the balls and then she holds his arms behind his back so Ruby can deliver kick after kick to his already swelling nuts. Then a surprise attack from behind as Jasmine has taken hold of a giant black dildo and she starts swatting his cock and balls with that as well. The reaction from the slave is such that they decide to really take that solid rubber cock to his mid-section. The slave is practically leaving his feet as Jasmine swings the tool at his cock, balls and even his stomach. Over the next five minutes it’s a non-stop assault on the slave with him standing and kneeling on all fours. When two sadists get together the action never really stops until the slave is destroyed. They are brutal!

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