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Clubstiletto – Look How Twisted He Is – Miss Jasmine 

Miss Jasmine has her contractor locked up as she has grown tired of his excuses for lateness and shoddy work. She is going to teach him a lesson to make sure he is more tentative to all her work requirements in the future, even licking her boots if need be. One look from head to toe of Jasmine in this scene and you would probably happily crawl over glass to be in this guys work boots. Maybe he’s been doing…

CBT & Ballbusting

Clubstiletto – Ball Annihilation – Miss XI 

Miss Xi again has her slave in her favorite position, bound to the railing by the wrists so she can kick and knee the krap out of his balls. After kicking him and then kneeing him for a period she asks what hurts more and when he says the kicks she thanks him for the feedback and starts kicking him repeatedly and as hard as she can. She calls him a bitch and says all boys are and that’s why…

CBT & Ballbusting

Clubstiletto – Are you enjoying Our Date? – Mistress Irene 

Mistress Irene has her slave suspended by the wrists from the ceiling and in a mask so he can’t see. This has him nervous and on edge, making the experience about to unfold even more exciting for Irene and stimulating for him. She approaches him and as she leans into his face she grabs him by the balls. “There’s nothing I like more than busting a slaves balls” she says. As she backs up you will be captivated by her…

CBT & Ballbusting

PantyhoseTherapy – Cocklock Protocol 

Keyholder? Ha. That’s a joke. If you need that dick locked up (and if you’re reading this, you do, jerkaddict), come see me — for just a couple dollars, you can come to my flat, I’ll inspect you, and lock you in with one of MY locks. That’s it. One week, one lock, ZERO escape… seriously. email me here to set up your chastity visit. 🙂

CBT & Ballbusting

AmericanMeanGirls – Passed Out From Pain 

This clip is hilarious. I have my personal real-life slave restrained out in the garage (where I keep him most of the time) up against a pole. His precious little cock-n-balls are pulled out and stretched across a table so I can literally walk all over them in my stiletto boots. The funny part is that this slave is SOOOoooo concerned about his precious little balls that he is literally scared for his life. He has some sort of “phobia”…

CBT & Ballbusting

RubberEmpire – Rock his Balls – Lady Lilith 

Rubber Goddess Lady Lilith knows how to handle the balls from her Slave. She rock his Balls with every whip on his ass and make him cracy with every soft touch to his dick and the poor slave must endure everything in his absolute degradation helpless and uncomfortable position. So Rock his Balls!

CBT & Ballbusting

DirtyDommes – Gym bunny ballbusting – Goddess Nikki 

Sexy Nikki loves the gym but she loves using her house servant as a workout tool even more! His balls will be pulverized after this training session as the cruel blonde kicks his nuts so hard with her sneakers! She adores crushing his balls with her strong grip and sporty, sadistic style of ball busting. Watch this hot girl in action as she kicks him with a smile!

CBT & Ballbusting

RubberEmpire – Holly, mein RubberToy Part 2 – Lady Lilith 

  New stimuli are brought into play or better a new Chastity Device, or more precisely a penalty Chastity Device, with ribbed Uthera plug and internal spikes which are common drilling in the meat the more solid one attracts the Allen screws. Thus the Rubbertoy had probably not reckoned when his rubber goddess promised him the “liberation” of his Big Balls. Unfortunately now also this Chastity Device and the anal plug is put together under current and when Lady Lillith…

CBT & Ballbusting

FemmeFataleFilms – First Time Busting 

  There’s little I love more than breaking in a slave, conditioning them to take what I want to do to them. It pleased me that when I told this specimen that I wanted to bust his balls, he groaned in absolute fear. I had seen him is session before for some mild ball crushing and CBT with my spike heeled boots, but this session was filmed with me taking his training to another and more extreme level. You will…

CBT & Ballbusting

Clubstiletto – His Battered Balls Are Huge 

  Miss Jasmine and Miss Mutiny have a slave bound and ready for some discipline. While Destiny is most famous for wrestling she has no problem making a man suffer in other ways and with Jasmine’s encouragement she more than holds her own on this amazing girl/girl on guy beatdown. As they chat they start out by taking turns cropping his cock. You can see the slaves balls are already large from daily ball busting but they really want to…

CBT & Ballbusting

BratPrincess – 3 Girls Ballbust A Fat Broke Loser 

  The Brat Princesses are having a ballbusting party! The girls have a ton of fun kicking a fat, broke, old loser in the balls. This is a very exciting clip with a lot of great high energy and giggling from the girls. If you like to see girls really enjoying themselves, having a great time together while kicking a loser in the balls repeatedly, then this is a great clip to get. Lots and lots of great kicks! The…

CBT & Ballbusting

AmericanMeanGirls – Kicking Princess Bella`s Slave 

  This was a fun clip. Bella is behind the camera for this one. She basically just “gave” me this loser to kick in the nuts as hard and as much as I want! He is like totally obsessed with her…so we are both basically laughing in his face that she can make him do anything for her. (It’s funny- we talk about him like he is a “thing” for Bella to use however she wants- like he isn’t standing…

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