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Standing in our kitchen, Tessa , tells me that she needs to find some new ways to train her legs. As a model, it’s important that she keep her legs toned and sexy, but she’s just so sick of doing the same damn exercises all the time. As usual, I have the perfect solution and it just so happens to involve one of my slaves. As he stands completely nude before us, we make him spread his legs and take turns kicking him directly in the nuts. We don’t hold back as we repeatedly bash his balls in, keeping count of each brutal blow and laughing while we do it. He cries out in agony, knees buckling in pain, as we relentlessly kick him squarely in the crotch. The sound of our shoes connecting with his balls proves that we’re not holding anything back as we use our feet to punish him. Taking our sneakers off, we kick his nuts in with our bare feet and love every second of his misery. His balls aren’t the only target of our abuse as we also kick him in the cock until he can no longer take the pain and drops to the floor. Since he’s already down there, we have him quickly worship our beautiful feet before sending him crawling on his way.

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