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Ella Kros – Suck The Black Strap-on 

  Dressed head to foot in black leather, Mistress Ella Kros has her hooded and collared slave knelt in front of her. She undertakes to give the slave a good throatfucking with her black strap on, occasionally spitting in his mouth to add to his humiliation. Parts: 1 Total Duration: 6 minutes 15 seconds Photos: 15 Tags: anal, bdsm, domina, ella, femdom, fetish, kinky, kros, mistress, strapon

Handjob & Milking

Ella Kross – Sizzling HOT Bondage in my Courtyard! 

  My slave endures a most sizzling HOT Bondage session in my Courtyard!   A decadent journey of pure torment as I seduce my slave with my sexy Office attire, black nylon stockings, lacy lingerie and blue pin stripe dress! I’ve bound my slave in leather bondage right against my courtyard wall, creating a superb sun trap!   The HEAT is intense. My sexy body leaning over his. My full breasts smother is face! And his cock is clamped in…

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Ella Kross – Fucking Your Cheating Ass ! 

  After fifteen years of living together, I find out you’ve secretly been sleeping with men! Since you clearly enjoy cheating on me with guys, how about I fuck your tight asshole with this huge strap-on cock? First I’m going to jam it down your throat, and when I’m done having you suck my dick I’m going to turn you around and pound you from behind. Take this big strap-on in your ass, you cheating liar! My cock is so…


Ella Kross – Spitting Chewed Cookies into Fat Slave’s Mouth! 

  In a pathetic attempt to win my favor, this slave presents me with a batch of cookies and my response definitely isn’t what he hoped for. “How dare you bring me this shit!” I yell in disgust. I point out that this fattening food is something he would eat, not me. I hit the gym every day, unlike this obese slob! I mock his flabby belly, then chew the cookies up and spit them onto the floor for him…

Handjob & Milking

Ella Kros – Ruining This Loser’s Orgasm with Tessa Ray 

  As this muscular stud stands naked before us, the gorgeous Tessa Ray and I tease him with our sexy bodies and begin gently stroking his big dick. We’re so sexy that he gets hard in no time as we continue flaunting ourselves and jerking him off together. He’s incredibly horny and aching to cum but we torture him by refusing to let him. He’s only allowed to blow his load when we give him permission to, but we want…

CBT & Ballbusting

Ella Kross – Kicking a Slave’s Balls in with Tessa Ray! 

  Standing in our kitchen, Tessa , tells me that she needs to find some new ways to train her legs. As a model, it’s important that she keep her legs toned and sexy, but she’s just so sick of doing the same damn exercises all the time. As usual, I have the perfect solution and it just so happens to involve one of my slaves. As he stands completely nude before us, we make him spread his legs and…


Kinky Mistresses – Ella Kros – Hard Milking 

  Mistress Ella Kros has her slaved bound to an A-frame. She applies strong clamps to his nipples to torment him. She then proceeds to stroke and tease his big cock whilst pulling on his nipple chain. The slave is in a heady mix of ecstasy and agony as she milks his cock to completion. She then feeds him his cum in the ultimate act of humiliation.   Featuring Ella Kros   Parts: 2 Total Duration: 12 minutes 18 seconds…


Ella Kros – Slave Licks Smashed Food off of My Bare Feet! 

  This slave`s just finished worshiping my feet, and although he didn`t dothe greatest job, I give him a pass since it was his first time. I`m stillgoing to humiliate the loser, though, and as he lays naked on the floorbeneath me, I sit above him and spit in his open mouth. I scold him whenhe makes the mistake of swallowing it, reminding him that I didn`tinstruct him to do that. He`s only allowed to eat my spit when I…


Ella Kross – Training Slave to Be a Whore Using Strap-Ons Featuring Anne! 

  Today me and my sexy young friend Anne are going to train this slave to be our whore using our big, strap-on cocks. We love money, and this slut will be making us a lot of it after we teach him how to properly take a dick. “We’re going to teach you how to be the best whore in the world!” I laugh as I jam my huge black cock down his throat while Anne pounds away at his…

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Ella Kross – Cruel Masturbation Fitness Game! 

  Are you ready to play my cruel masturbation game? It`s time that Idominated your cock with my supreme control again. You can jerk yourselfonly when I`m doing my workout, but when I tease you by showing you myperfect body you have to stop touching your dick, got it? As I do myexercises you can jerk-off, but the moment I show you my hot pussy and bigtits you`re to stop masturbating immediately. Let`s see if you can handleit. It`s not…


Ella Kross – Punishment is Served! 

  In this video, I play a police officer who’s cornered a thief in an old, abandoned building. When I finally catch him, I’m going to teach this thieving little bitch a lesson! Before I lock him up I’m going to make him take every inch of my strap-on in a place that will leave him walking funny for weeks. I’m going to make him suffer for his crimes!

Foot Worship

Ella Kross – Obedient Slave Worships My Feet Without Needing Commands! 

  Sitting on my kitchen table and browsing my iPad, I summon a slave withthe snap of my fingers and he immediately rushes to my side. He positionshimself below me and removes my high heels to begin mouthing my bare feet.I`ve trained this loser so well that I don`t even need to utter a command!He worships my feet by licking, sucking, and kissing them all over like agood slave. I shove my toes so far down his throat that he…

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Ella Kross – Worship My Muscles, Loser! 

  You`re such a weak loser and you love strong women like me. A girl whocould beat you at arm wrestling turns you on, doesn`t it? Jerk yourpathetic cock to my muscles as you fantasize about me physically abusingyou with my incredible strength. You`re a little pansy and wish you hadmuscles like these! Worship my toned body by stroking your cock and ifyou`re lucky I just might let you cum. Maybe I`ll rip your dick off andfeed it to you…

Oral & Asslicking

Ella Kross – Who Needs Toilet Paper When I Have This Slave`s Tongue? 

  Sitting on my toilet with my panties down around my ankles, I relieve myfull bladder and you can hear my warm piss hitting the water below me.There`s a roll of toilet paper by my side, but why use that when I have aperfectly good slave lingering in the other room? I summon him to my sideand he rushes into the bathroom, kneeling patiently before me as I squeezeout my routine morning shit. I take my panties off completely and…

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