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Sweet young Raevyn is on the steps slipping on a pair of old boots she uses almost exclusively for trampling her slaves. She runs her hands up and down the leather giving you a glimpse of them and her body. She then gets up and walks over to her slave who is waiting on the floor for her. She places a boot on his chest and then brings the boot up for him to kiss and lick the sole. She bends over showing off her amazing ass and says “He’s so desperate to be trampled he probably doesn’t even notice my ass.”

The slave is moaning a lot and she says carpets should be quiet and as a result she is thinking of having his tongue removed but then she remembers it does come in handy for licking her boots clean. Now she steps up on him with both feet and steps about his stomach and chest. She squats down on him which really grinds the heels into his flesh. She now stands on one foot and makes him lick the sole of the other boot and then suck the heel. “You are just carpet here waiting for me and my friends” she tells him, and says it doesn’t matter who visits, “They well all step all over you.” Raevyn steps on him continually until she again squats down on him and brings her panty covered pussy within inches of his face.

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