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RubberEmpire – Rubberdolls anal Disaster 

The rubber doll is presented by its owner Mistress Amirah to her friend Mistress Tatjana. What shame the poor rubber doll feels to be seen so and even locked in the extra small chastity you can certainly imagine. Mistress Tatjana is so enthusiastic about this living gift that she wants to use it directly anally, and in the worst way. In the progress of the fuck are then full of joy in addition 2 more rubber dicks in the fuck…

Female Domination, Handjob & Milking, Latex & Rubber

Rubber-Empire – Rubber Object Nr. 4 

A 38 Minutes Mega Update. Totally dressed in Heavy Rubber my object Nr4 must endure a hard bondage. To oblige him into a total submission I put a ball gag in his mouth and make him blind with a mask. Completely under my control I tease him and start to masturbate his dick. I tease him with my body and I ab..use his nipple while I wank him …and stop when he is just about to come…3 times in a…

Female Domination

RubberEmpire – Synchronous Punishment 

The mistress has ordered 2 rubber objects for the happy living out of her sadism in her dungeon today. Object 23 was locked in his Chastity days ago and all the more wicked is the now upcoming treatment of his sensitive nipples. His ass was also kindly blombed with a big inflatable plug. Object 16 is supposed to look and learn what is expected of him in the future. After the horniness of the two objects was increased once again…

Female Domination

Rubber-Empire – June 25, 2019 – Lady Ashley, Sklave/Black Rubber 

Completely trapped in a rubber bag the helpless playtoy must endure once more a strict kinky and sadistic orgasm control session. First Lady Ashley gives him a handjob, then she starts to treat its pathetic cock with electroshocks and finally the milking machine has a nice job to do. The Rubber slave is fighting against his orgasm. He knows if he comes without the permission of his goddess he will have to spend the whole night in his rubber Jail,…

Female Domination

RubberEmpire – Vacuum – the rubber jail 

Imagine you are absolutely defenseless trapped in your rubber prison, the air only comes filtered through the hose of the gas mask, your lust increases minute by minute and you can not even move the little finger to give you relief. And through the glasses of your mask you can also see two rubber goddesses who are tampering with you and the tubing of your mask …

CBT & Ballbusting, Female Domination

RubberEmpire – Total control over my rubber object 

My rubber object gets a special treatment today . Extreme tubing over the rubber mask and extreme bondage So since his Cook was locked up in his Chastity Device for me already now since 2 weeks there we also play a nice game called orgasm control! Of course he is not allowed to shoot his load now, no matter how much it hurts! But I have a other plan…

Female Domination

RubberEmpire – The Rubber Doll Orgy Part1 – Lady Blackdiamoond 

A special surprise has Lady Blackdiamoond for their two rubber dolls today A use orgy by the entire dungeon crew. Rubber doll 13 gets first once for general amusement a “Rubber Pussy” as gag missed, or better as mouth open unit. The purpose is clear the mouth should be whide open and the other rubber doll is allowed to use it. So that there is also something enormous to Sucking the rubber doll 24 dick will first pumped and then,…

CBT & Ballbusting

RubberEmpire – Rubber Slave goes Mad – Lady Ashley 

My poor Rubber Toy was locked 1 week ago by me in the chastity cage because he did not want to serve me as a toilet. Today he stood in front of the door again and complained that he would do anything, even be my toilet if I only please unlock him again. Well, that sounds pretty good, but first I want to drive him a little bit crazy with his big balls and the bulging penis in the cage….

Face and Body Sitting Smothering, Handjob & Milking

RubberEmpire – A Toxic Orgasm – Calea Toxic 

After the first two episodes of his treatment in Maso Extrem and Toxc ART, everbody can truly imagine that the poor slaves dick hurts like crazy. Now there is a reward for having suffered so well, he can dress in his beloved rubber and take a seat on the bench. After he was correctly tied up there his goddess Calea Toxic tells him that his penis is pumped up to the maximum and then milked. That it is also a…

Male Insertions

RubberEmpire – Rubber Goddess Cheyenne – Die Heilung von Gummipüppchen 16 (Part2) 

The rubber doll just can not take his fingers of his little penis, the next step in Therapy should be now the fucking machine in Combination with the Hitachi vibrator. The little doll groans, moans and fights for his orgasm but as the Mistress turn around, the fingers are back again at the brick. Well, there is only one thing that helps and so on the mistress gets to the infinite horror of the doll a new key on the…

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