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Handjob & Milking

RubberEmpire – Ruined orgasm during Facesitting – Mistress Zita 

Helpless wrapped in plastic my slave must endure now a very kinky game… as more horny he gets as harder is the punishment for his dick… and he goes real horny when i start to wank him and then the sadistic game with my slaves dick is driven to the Max. He is allowed to smell my rubber heinie while i sit on his face… everytime when he get no air his dick goes bigger and harder… and he is…

CBT & Ballbusting

RubberEmpire – Holly, mein RubberToy Part 2 – Lady Lilith 

  New stimuli are brought into play or better a new Chastity Device, or more precisely a penalty Chastity Device, with ribbed Uthera plug and internal spikes which are common drilling in the meat the more solid one attracts the Allen screws. Thus the Rubbertoy had probably not reckoned when his rubber goddess promised him the “liberation” of his Big Balls. Unfortunately now also this Chastity Device and the anal plug is put together under current and when Lady Lillith…

CBT & Ballbusting, Handjob & Milking

RubberEmpire – Attack on his Crown Jewels Part 2 

  The Slave have now a big Problem, Mistress told him he get her complete hand in the anus if he will come now under her Treatment. This means after his Orgasm when his horniness is gone. The Problem is the mask, very special, and make him more Lust and his dick harder like ever before, the next problem is the pain from his scrambled balls and at least the nasty game from the Mistress. He is fighting he is…

CBT & Ballbusting

RubberEmpire – Holly, my RubberToy Part 1 

  Today, there is a gift for Lady Lilith, her Rubber Toy Holly dressed up in a suit and tie for her and turned off for use. Of course he must be completely rubberized underneath. What pushes him to such an extreme measure to gain the favor of the Mistress is clear, his 2.5 cm smaller XX S Steelworxx Chastity device with inner plug and the weeks he, the toy, locked up full of lust. Whether the Mistress will have…

Female Domination

RubberEmpire – Trapped in a Rubber Jail – The Baroness 

  Anyone who holds a living rubber object must also provide the necessary “Fun” and some “Sport Lessons”. At night the Object had to stand alone tied up in his Rubber Jail and thing about what come over him the next day. For breakfast, of course, there is first some Mistress champagne and then some “morning exercise” with breathing training and walking training announced. Crazy Rubber at its Best!

CBT & Ballbusting

RubberEmpire – My Rubber Toy Part 1 – Lady Ashley 

  Today is Black Rubber Time, so not a game for soft loser. This is the toughest way to get into rubber ecstasy. Totally helplessly bound on the rubber wall the object has first to endure a nice wanking/handjob with orgasm control. Then rubber goddess Lady Ashley brings out a nice Electricity Power Toy which gets the slaves to panic ultimaltely. Come on and stand this session for me… and remember, if you ever come before I promise you, no…

CBT & Ballbusting

RubberEmpire – Orgasm Control Play 

  What a nasty treatment for my Rubber Toy. I connect his Breast with the Vacuum Machine and Plug his ass. Helpless bound on the Gynaecological Chair he must endure then a nice orgasm Control Play. Oh i forget to say how horny made him the Gas mask Training and his funny problems with the Air.

Male Insertions, Strap-on

RubberEmpire – Rubber Whore must suck 

  The mistress with 3 horny rubberdolls in a completely naughty bi rubber Orgie. Whereby her male Rubber Whore is first shown by the female rubber slut what a good blow job is and then he has to blow the Dick of the rubber slaves on the command of the mistress itself. Especially mean is that while he must suck he gets first the fist from his Mistress in the ass and then fucked by both Ladies

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