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FemdomEmpire – Cum Slut Puppy – Mae Ling 

Mae Ling looks so attractive on her throne as well as is trying to take pleasure in an enjoyable phone conversation with her warm close friend yet her foolish servant won’t stop disrupting. He’s like a babbling chihuahua in an electric dick ring! Clad in a latex bodysuit and thigh-high boots Miss Mae Ling loses no time at all in restoring order to her dungeon. Given that Marcelo can’t stop barking inappropriately she’s going to transform him into a family…

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DirtyDommes – Leather pup play 

I maintain my human dog caged yet sometimes he requires his exercice and to stretch his paws, nevertheless he should continue to be in shape and obedient. I make him inhale my fragrance and my natural leathers, to guarantee his connection with me, his proprietor. I allowed him play, do tricks as well as hump my leg like a genuine dog prior to he gets locked up once more.


Kink – Zoe Sparx, Vixtor Styles 

The Good Pet Zoe Sparx is Vixtor Styles’ real life child girl. A 24/7 BDSM couple in their own right, Zoe and also Vixtor invite you into their residence, as well as their really kinky sex life. They start off with Zoe on her hands and also knees getting captured up like the neighborhood canines. She sniffs her Daddy’s crotch, trembles her ass, and also begs for interest. She obtains choked, slapped, and also caned up until her master determines…


DDFNetwork – Mila Milan, Luca Ferrero, David Perry 

Kinky Backdoor Drillers Austrian kink star Mila Milan can’t wait to obtain some dual penetration taking place today! The blonde babe with enhanced tits as well as beautiful eco-friendly eyes succumbs to David Perry and his leather fetish in this absolutely wonderful BDSM costs pornography by DDF Network!The French master of hardcore fetish sex puts a black leather dog mask on Mila Milan’s face as well as locks her up in a wooden coffin. Quickly, he returns with Luca Ferrero…

Female Domination, Shoe & Boots

FemdomEmpire – Puppy Boot Chow – Bunny Colby 

Ohhh no!! Mistress Bunny Colby has stepped in a nasty bowl of puppy chow and now her obedient pet has to lick it all up. She lubes up a big, fat puppy tail so it fits right inside her good boy’s hole making him wag it just for her. Now he is transformed into a proper puppy to spin shine her boots back to cleanliness. Mistress Bunny takes great pride in keeping her leather boots always looking beautiful and makes…

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Demon Goddess Jane – Puppy Husband 

Hi little one! Hello in there! Are you so excited about our weekly walk? I just can’t wait to traipse around the neighborhood tugging on your lead and leash, the neighbors act so spooked when they see a grown man behaving like a little doggy! But what can I say, I just love reprogramming you to be my perfect little pet. You’re doing so well with your crate training lately, waiting patiently for me like a good boy while I’m…

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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Vicious Puppy Training 

Oh, so you want to be my slave? Well too fucking bad. I have enough human slaves and they’re a pain in the ass as it is. You’re desperate, huh? Well fine. You can be one of the dogs in my kennel. That’s right, you lose all human privileges from here on out. You don’t walk on your feet. You don’t piss in a toilet anymore. Hell, you sip out of a toilet from now on. You’re going to be…

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DirtyDommes – Horny leather porndog 

I am keeping one of my boot slaves as a human doggy in my house. He is wellbehaved but also very horny. Desperate to always be near my thigh high boots and to be able to smell the quality leather. I love toying with his brain, getting him all excited and dripping precum…knowing he has no other choice than to wait for my signal to cum. But not yet…first he must be made to hump my leather boots!

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions

GoddessAlexandraSnow – Dog Slave 

You want to be my slave, do you? Well unfortunately for you, I don’t have room for any more human slaves. I’m all full up. I do have room for a puppy though. So if you want to be my slave, that’s what you’re going to have to be. You’re going to be my little dog. You’re going to spend your days eating out of a bowl, chewing on chew toys, walking on a leash, and sleeping in a kennel….

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions

Goddess Alexandra Snow – Puppy Transformation Trance II 

  You’ve been such a good little pet lately. So loyal and obedient, like a dog. In fact- that’s exactly what I want you to be. I want you to be my puppy. I want to leash you up and take you out as my little obedient puppy. It won’t be hard to make this pet project a reality. You’re already an animal eager to please me. My voice will remind you of the base animal you are. You’ll live…


Femdom Empire – Gigi Allens – Doggystyle | Release Date: Sep 1, 2017 

  Goddess Gigi loves fucking boys in the ass especially when they are transformed into helpless rubber pets unable to run away from her massive dick. Gigi gives Doggystyle a whole new meaning as she plows her pet’s ass wide open to be properly stretched for his new XXL butt plug tail. It’s a good thing her slave has always been such a horny as he will now live the rest of his life as one!

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Femdom Empire – Austin Lynn – The Puppy Game 

  Mistress Austin tells her slave that she is in the mood to play a game; she is going to make him into her human puppy! The slave is reluctant to play at first, but once Austin shocks him with her hand held electric prod, he quickly complies with her wishes. Austin locks on a latex puppy hood, then takes her puppy for a walk, training him how to walk properly on her leash. Austin realizes that something is missing…

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