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Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions, Female Domination

Empress Jennifer – Foot Feeding Picnic Date 

You assumed you would certainly have a charming barbecue with Empress? A Day full of what? Laughs, with lunch as well as drinking and also ME? Well, you’re sorta right. Absolutely stuff like that will happen, yet most likely not in the way you envisioned. Since that would be like, SO “day”-like. AND ALSO YOU would NEVER EVER be a person I ‘d date haha. So rather, you will certainly purchase Me My treats. starbucks and also sit close-by seeing…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions, Female Domination

EmpressJennifer – Goddess Wife Foot Life 

A great husband does what his spouse tells him to do. So from now on, your life will be only a little bit different. your focus is My feet. you are married to My feet and also will indulge them totally. your sex life will certainly be based upon you pampering My feet. you love them. And also for the remainder of YOUR life, they will be the only point that obtains you off. Widen for Goddess Spouse.

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions, Female Domination

Empress Jennifer – Financial Paralysis 

Well, here you go.. Our deal was for the entirety of our vacation, you are under My control and will do everything I say, as I say it should be done. And I’ve decided, I don’t want this to end. This vacation will last longer and you will make that happen. you’re here already, under My rule and you’re going to cough up even more for Me. It’s not like you have anything fun to do at home anyway LOL….


American Mean Girls – Degrading Dinner Ritual 

  Empress Jennifer enters Her Throne Room, and a collared/ball-gagged slave is in its cage waiting for her. You open it & he crawls out. You kick his balls a few times for fun, give him some face slaps and then spit right into his face. You take out the ballgag and the slave kisses your boots and licks the soles. Then you spit on the floor a couple of times and purposely step on it for him to lick…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions

American Mean Girls – Online Slaves Empress Jennifer, Goddess Suvana 

  This was a special little clip We made just for a couple of Our dedicated online worker slaves. (That’s right- we have slaves all over the world working like drones for Us! HAHA!) Harry and Tom- this clip is just for you losers! They work tirelessly to promote Our sites on the internet through social media and stuff and all they get is free membership to our members sites. 🙂 They make promo videos for Us too. Basically anything…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions

American Mean Girls – Chastity- The Final Frontier of Loserdom Empress Jennifer, Goddess Suvana 

  Going into chastity is a big step. You need to realize that once you are locked up, that feeling of complete desperation and vulnerability will be with you until you are deemed worthy of cumming again- if EVER. But all you will want to do is work for Us, send money to Us, and be humiliated for OUR pleasure, so…let’s just go ahead and LOCK YOU UP so you can focus on what’s important- making The POPULAR GIRLZ happy!…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions

American Mean Girls – Alpha Delta Mean Girl! Empress Jennifer, Goddess Farrah 

  You have been turned over to US by your fraternity, freshman. You see, we here at “Alpha Delta Mean Girl” are their “sister sorority” so we help them out with their hazing of their pledges. So they gave us complete power to do ANYTHING we want to you and you HAVE to do WHATEVER we say- or else they won’t let you in their frat! All they said is that it has to be SUPER humiliating! We are gonna…

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