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Shoe & Boots

DirtyDommes – Stiletto shoe slave training part 1 

Beautiful heels deserve to be shiny and polished at all times. Of course we have a shoe slave for that honour but this one needs to be trained still. As he kneels in front of us, we present him our stilettos and watch how he carefully uses his tongue to brush the patent leather and how he uses his mouth to suck the dirt of the heels.

Oral & Asslicking

MeanBitches – Miss Daisy Ducati 4 

Miss Ducati is a very mean, demanding boss! She tells her accountant to change the profit numbers so she can get paid a big bonus. When he tries to say no, she fires him and tells him she is going to ruin his life forever. He begs to get his job back and tells her he will do anything she tells him. She…

Female Domination

MeanBitches – CuckQuean – Noemie Bilas 

The hot girl next door tells Glenn’s wife that she has a great deal for her: If the wife pays for her college and buys her a car, Noemie won’t seduce her husband and fuck him! She makes the wrong choice… Noemie waits for her husband to come home… it only takes a few minutes of teasing him with her…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions

TheRealQueendom – A Quick Snack 

You begged Goddess Estancia to make your vore fantasy come true and swallow you alive and she agreed. She warned you that you would just be a snack for her, not a pet. She told you there would be no changing your mind, if she shrinks you she WILL eat you. Of course all you could think about was being swallowed whole and trapped in the belly of this sexy young Goddess. Now you’re here, shrunk and trapped in a…

Female Domination

MeanBitches – Cuckold – Ana Foxxx 6 

Your girl Ana tells you that her ex-boyfriend is coming over to say hello. She tells you not to worry.. they are just friends. But when he arrives, he is rude to you and brags about how much money he has compared to you. She tells you that he has a bigger cock than you and way more money, and she decides…

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