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Clubdom – Dahlia Rain Punishes Her Pathetic Slave (Full Movie) 

Watch all three parts! (Slapped For Being Pathetic, Caned For Being Pathetic and The Pathetic Slave Gets Rewarded by Cock) Goddess Dahlia’s slave actually thinks that he has a chance to worship his Goddess’s pussy! Dahlia reminds her slave that a pathetic, small cocked bitch like him has no shot at a Goddess like her. To make sure her bitch never forgets that fact, she decides to teach him a lesson. Dahlia begins by giving her bitch a barrage of…

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Clubdom – Milking their Pathetic Slave 

  Now that Mistress Dahlia and Domina Helena have whipped and caned their pathetic slave, they want to milk the disgusting filth out of his useless balls. They restrain their slave in their dungeon and start stroking his slut stick to milk out his filth. After he finally spills his filth, they feed it to him as a reward.

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Clubdom – Cock Slut For Goddesses 

  Kneel before your beautiful sexy Goddesses and open wide. It’s time for all of your slut training to pay off. Show your Goddesses how you can handle their huge cocks inside your slut-holes. Take every inch into your mouth and your ass. Spread your ass so they can see their gaping target, and take all of their superior cocks into yourself and feel what it is to be truly fucked and over-powered by hot Goddesses.

Spanking & Whipping

Clubdom – Whipping Day with Harlow and Dahlia 

  Goddess Harlow and Goddess Dahlia have their slave strung up for a whipping. It is whipping day, and they have chosen this slave to be shredded by their vicious whips. “You are really going to get it!” says Dahlia, smiling with sadistic glee. The women take turns shredding their slave’s back with their whips, mocking him and treating him like the piece of meat that he is. It’s the only way to keep their slaves in line, they all…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions

Clubdom – You’re Just a Fuck-Hole 

  Harlow and Dahlia are gorgeous Goddesses who tower over you as you kneel before them, ready to do whatever they say. These women are almost naked and you feel powerless and weak staring up at their naked heavenly bodies. The woman know that you will do everything they say, and they love every minute of it. They want you to spread your ass cheeks and open up your slut-hole for them, and start shoving things inside of your slut-hole…

Spanking & Whipping

Clubdom – Dahila Rain & Harlow Train Male Bitches 

  Dahlia and Harlow take their pet men out for a walk on this beautiful day, carrying canes to wack them with whenever the males do not do as they are told. The men are expected to perform dog tricks and must BE dogs at all times….or else. Dahlia and Harlow decide to play fetch with their male pets. Since Harlow’s pet bitch retrieves the stick the fastest, he is safe and will be put back into his cage. Dahlia’s…

Spanking & Whipping

Clubdom – Dahila Rain & Harlow Punish Him Like A Dog 

  Dahlia’s pet man-dog is being punished because he completely failed. He was not being able to keep up with Harlow’s pet dog during their pet play date in the yard. The women unleash their fury on his bare ass with very hard canes, as he screams and cries. Harlow and Dahlia unleash their fury on his bare ass with very hard canes. He screams and cries yet the still continue without a break. Mercilessly striping his pathetic ass with…

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