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The Secretaries – Disciplined 3 (2021) 

These big boobed girls take it all over again…will they ever learn? Back again for another round of office antics, huge titted secretaries lay themselves out for their bosses’ kinks & sexual desires…

Female Domination, Oral & Asslicking

MeanBitches – Crystal Rush 

The Prime Minister of England obtains a check out from a very important person. Her name is Miss Rush and also she was sent by Mr Putin to provide him his orders. She advises him of the compromising materials they have as well as what Mr Putin would certainly like him to do. After that, simply to reveal him that he’s only a puppet, she …


EvolvedFights – Brad Sterling, Crystal Rush 

Brad Sterling is a high dark good-looking stud. He trains consistently and his body reveals it. Crystal Thrill is a lovely athletic Russian that utilize to wrestle with kids in institution. She has actually never done a competitive battle however she has been understand to batter on children (and also girls) in street battles. She’s a natural born athlete and also the way she proceeds the mats reveals she has some skill. Brad is easily able to over power this…

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Russian Model Turned into a Sensual Domina 

Crystal is a super hot Russian top model friend of mine who is very curious about the female domination world. Today we will meet a dude who is getting married, and instead of a bachelor party, he is interested in being dominated by a hot and kinky babe. In her first femdom experience, she will tease his caged cock with her sexy body, finishing with a perfect anal fuck with a strap-on dildo.

Dildo Play, Female Domination

Clubdom – Pleasing Goddess Crystal Rush 

Goddess Crystal wants to orgasm, but there is no way her pathetic slave is going to please her with his tiny dick. So Crystal locks her chindo around his hooded face and puts him to work providing her with orgasms. Crystal uses her hand to guide his head, using him as her human dildo, until she has had her fill of orgasms.

Smoking, Spanking & Whipping

Clubdom – Mistress Crystal Punishes Her Bitches 

Mistress Crystal Rush loves punishing her male bitches with pain and humiliation. Crystal starts by teasing her caged slave with her shock prod, laughing as he cringes at the site of the sparks on his cage. Crystal then zaps him a few times with the prod, mixed in with more teasing, until she decides to spank her other slave’s ass. Crystal amuses herself by making the slave count the strokes and thank her for the punishment she is dishing out.

Smoking, Spitting

Clubdom – Mistress Crystal’s Bitch Slapped Human Ashtray 

Mistress Crystal Rush truly enjoys humiliating her slaves and few things are more humiliating than being slapped in the face again and again. Crystal even orders her slave to smile and thank her as she slaps his reddened face. Crystal then enjoys a cigarette, ashing it into her slave’s mouth as she mixes more slaps with spitting in his face. By the time Crystal is finished the poor slave’s face is covered in spit and ash.

Spanking & Whipping

Clubdom – Cruelly Caned by Crystal Rush – Crystal Rush 

It is not enough for a cruel sadist like Mistress Crystal Rush to just mercilessly cane her helpless slave; she wants him to beg for it and be grateful for the pain she inflicts upon him. After riding in like royalty in her slave pulled chariot, Crystal orders her slave to beg for pain while she rubs her latex glove over her pussy, then allows her slave to taste her excitement off the glove. Now that he is totally turned…

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GoddessFootjobs – Mail Order Bride – Crystal Rush 

Crystal Rush is a mail order bride from Russia. Her new husband knows she’s become unhappy with the arrangement and is recording an attempt to reconcile their differences. The man offers a foot massage which an indifferent Crystal accepts. Massaging her feet soon leads into licking and toe sucking. Crystal seems quite surprised and put off as her husband continues to up the ante. Flipping her over, he sucks on her toes from behind becoming so worked up he pulls…

Pegging, Strap-on

SubbyHubby – Husband to Whore – Crystal Rush 

Crystal Rush’s pathetic husband is on his knees dressed like a complete sissy slut. He is wearing black frilly lingerie complete with stockings and garters. He is also wearing a wig and has “whore” written across his chest in red lipstick. How humiliating! Crystal reminds her submissive bitch that he has agreed to do anything she wants or she will divorce him and take half of his money and stuff. He agrees that he accepts these terms and accepts his…

Handjob & Milking

Clubdom – Mistress Crystal Milks the New slave 

Now that Mistress Crystal’s new bitch has pleased her, she has her slave laying on top of the cage. She asks the slave if he wants to be a part of her stable. He says yes, but it is not that easy. Being in Mistress Crystal’s stable is a high honor. Reserved for only the most qualified slaves. She tells her bitch that he will have to earn it. Mistress Crystal teases her slave by spitting in his mouth, slapping…

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Clubdom – Anniversary Cock Hole Fucking – Crystal Rush 

Mistress Crystal has had so much fun celebrating her slave-anniversary by beating her slave mercilessly. Now its time to give her slave his reward. Mistress Crystal has her bitch bound on the bondage bed. His cock is already rock hard as Mistress Crystal explains to him that she is about to fuck his pussy hole with her metal sounds. Mistress Crystal begins to stroke his cock before stretching out his pee hole. She turns around and positions her naked ass…

Shoe & Boots, Spanking & Whipping

Clubdom – Mistress Crystal Paddles the Pony slave 

Mistress Crystal is going for a ride around the slave grounds on a pony cart. Her naked bound slave is not doing a satisfactory job pulling her cart. Mistress Crystal orders him to bend over the back of the cart so she can give him some motivation. Mistress Crystal demands perfection at all times from her servants. She takes out her leather paddle and severely disciplines her bitch. The slave must thank his Goddess for each painful blow. Next time…

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