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Female Domination, Spanking & Whipping

Steady Strokes 2 – Cruel Mistresses 

The cane descends on the slave’s naked ass with a clearly audible whack and he grunts as he tries to swallow the cry of pain. Mistress Ariel smiles wickedly and she takes a breath before she gathers her strength before the next stroke. The slave’s ass soon becomes red and swollen, steady lines of caning decorates his skin.

Female Domination, Spanking & Whipping

Cruel Mistresses: “Ass And Thighs Destroyed” 

Today is a special day, because Mistress Ariel and Mistress Amanda is going to evaluate the performance of their slave for the previous week. It looks like they are not amused, because they are doing preparations for a punishment. The slave soon learns, that it’s better if you do what they told you, because now his ass and thighs are caned to bits. VERY HARD CANING CLIP!!!

Pegging, Strap-on

Cruel Mistresses – Nasty assfuck 

The slave is on his hands and knees on the floor, his face is contorted from pain. He knows exactly what he did wrong and why he is getting this punishment, but right now, he can’t lament on that, he can only focus on the intense burning sensation in his butt, because of the forcefully moving strapon of Mistress Tatjana.

Spanking & Whipping

CruelMistresses – Caning Without A Stop – Mistress Ariel 

Mistress Ariel, the young, sexy, blond dominatrix is about to give a good spanking to her useless slave, who is laying totally naked in front of her. She is wearing skin tight black leggings and mathing top with very strict looking shoes. She knows how to make the slave’s ass first numb and then so sore, that he won’t be able to sit on it for a few days at least. The slave is dreaming about a few breaths long…


CruelMistresses – Contorted Face – Mistress Ariel 

  Mistress Ariel slowly walks up to the slave, who is now laying on the floor in his underwear. He has a few moments to marvel his sexy godess, before she cruelly steps on his head with her black ankle boots. In her transparent catsuit she looks more than breathtaking and the slave’s heart pounds wildly in his chest, but the pain the pointy heels cause him makes the fantastic scene all blurry and his eyes watery.

Handjob & Milking

Cruel Mistresses – I missed you my mistress 

  His mistress was far away for some time and he really missed her. The day she came back he was waiting for her in the living room knowing that she would want to play with him again. Especially with his cock, ready for her touch. He missed her so much that he even dared to speak to her and because he wasn’t allowed to, his Lady sqeezed his hardening member just to show who is the boss in the…

Handjob & Milking

Cruel Mistresses – Mistress Anette – Special touch 

  Mistress Anette in her bright orange top and black rubber gloves milking her naked slave who is laying before her. She moves her oil covered hands up and down his cock and she cupps his balls in her palms and gently squeezes it sometimes to make the pleasure even more enjoyable. She moves slowly, massages him sensitive spots with one finger, then she caresses his whole shaft up and down.

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