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Face and Body Sitting Smothering


  Sydney has a session with her human furniture sub. He’s wrapped in plastic in laying down in the only position he’s good for. Face up, and ready to receive mass doses of ass, served up by Sydney herself. While she’s reading her magazine, Sydney assumes all sorts of positions on the loser’s face, each one offering him more weight and less oxygen. His only option is to take her full weight on his face. With no possible way to…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions


  You’ve been stuck in that refrigerator for days, weeks, you don’t even know how long it’s been. Every time Sydney opens the fridge, your heart skips a beat. You hope it’s time for you to come out. But each time she ends up closing the door again. What a tease. Then finally one day, the day comes. Today is the day she takes you out of the fridge, out of the container. After you accidentally drop to the floor,…

Slapping, Spitting

Astro Domina – NEVER ENOUGH feat AstroDomina 

  Goddess Sydney has allowed her lowly sub to spend some time with her today. He kneels in front of her while she sits on her throne. Tribute in hand, Sydney counts the money and is furious that he only brought $500 in cash. She had explicitly told him to bring enough to impress her. And this isn’t cutting it. So obviously, if he’s trying to insult the Goddess, there will be hell to pay. Sydney starts with a big…


Astro Domina – BONDAGE MAYHEM – Part 4 

  After using and abusing her two victims, Sydney has placed them both in her bondage bed where they’re bound and gagged. Sydney wants to add a little more rope to her victims before playing with them one last time. Natalie and Mr Angel both get some more rope around their legs. Sydney breaks the news that instead of letting them go like they’ve been begging through their gags, she’s going to sell them off soon. Sydney swaps out the…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions

Astro Domina – Shrunk by the Shrink 

  You’ve come to see your therapist Sydney for another session. She’s trying to talk you out of what you came here to do: to become a tiny person. Even though she tells you there is no turning back, you insists. With one magic move of her hands, you shrink down about a foot and a half. From a once tall man, you are now shorty size. And she doesn’t stop there. You get shrunk even more. And more. And…

Face Dildo, Strap-on


  Today is the day. Goddesses Tangent and Sydney bring their captive couple together for one last time. Miles has been bound and gagged to a chair in the dungeon. Natalie has been tied up in her holding cell for weeks. The two have been separated for weeks. Their reunion won’t be a happy one though. As soon as Natalie joins Miles in the dungeon, she gets tied to a bench with easy access to her ass. Tangent wastes no…

Face and Body Sitting Smothering

Astro Domina – SEATING FOR TWO 

  Loser slave can’t believe his luck. Not one, but two amazing asses are about to ravage his face today. Not just Sydney’s divine ass, but Goddess Alexandra Snow’s ass is making an appearance too, and more than that even. Butt boy even gets both asses on his face at the same time. The two Goddesses move around from his face, front and back, to the rest of his body, making it ever harder and harder to breathe. The sweaty…

CBT & Ballbusting


  First dates can be a little daunting. When Sydney goes on a first date, she likes to end the night with some role play. And today’s date has no idea what’s in store for him. Sydney has already masked the guy and next she’s putting a ball gag on and chains behind his back. Not quite what he thought was going to happen. Next Sydney pulls down his pants and to her surprise he went commando. He gets some…

Handjob & Milking

Astro Domina – The Neighborhood Cuckold Slut 

  When you come home, there’s a surprise waiting for you. Your wife Sydney introduces you to your neighbor Miss Snow and her hung husband. You’ve been a cuckold for a while, and you know your wife loves to fuck other men while you’re in chastity. Sydney explains all the things the two of you have been doing, like you either your wife’s cream pie after fucking another man. Miss Snow comes up with a few more ideas for the…

Electric Play

Astro Domina – Say Moo To The Cattle Prod 

  Goddess Sydney has a new toy. And a willing (kind of) sub to test it on. She got herself a cattle prod. What is that? It’s like a taser, except for cows. As you can imagine, the sub isn’t too thrilled about the prospect of getting juiced with a high voltage and he squirms and squeals throughout the whole video. Say “Moo” loser.

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions


  Sydney is very disappointed in you. You came all over yourself like a pathetic premature ejaculator. So it’s time to pay the price. Now you have to do everything Sydney tells you to do. If not, Sydney will tell your wife all about what happened. And not only your wife, but your friends, your family and your co-workers as well. You better comply or your life as you know it is pretty much over. So go on, follow along….

Face and Body Sitting Smothering

Astro Domina – Facesitting Bondage 

  Imagine being completely wrapped in wrapping plastic. You can’t move your upper body. You can’t move your legs. You’re practically immobile. In walks Sydney, an Asian Domme with a divine butt. And what does she do? She sits on your face. There is no more oxygen coming in. You have nowhere to go. This might not end very well. Sydney assumes a variety of positions with her ass square on your face. Stretched out, facing your feet, turning around….

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions

Mistress T – Therapist Recommends Cuckolding 

  The fabulous AstroDomina joins me in this vid as your sexually unsatisfied wife. You two have come for couples counseling with an unorthodox therapist, Doctor T. Although compatible in some ways, your small penis & lack of bed skills has left your loving wife sexually frustrated. I recommend cuckolding & we spend the rest of the session talking about what your new lives would look like with your wife fucking who ever she wants & you being her supportive…

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