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Miss Jasmine is breaking in a new slave. “They always come so eager but many of them also chicken out and want to run away, which is why I’ve chained this one to the bench,” she says. She begins with 15 seconds of massage quality cropping before she decides this was enough of a warm-up. after all, who wants to see that. She switches crops and goes at his ass hard. While she flogs him, she talks about some of her experiences, including the time she branded a slave.

Now it’s time for the rock solid wood paddle. Even mild strokes make him squirm, but Jasmine increases the intensity; this slave isn’t going anywhere. She moves from one cheek to the other and soon it looks like the slave is trying to hump the bench! Jasmine says she should put a hole in the bench for his cock and maybe position another slave inside the bench who can suck it. Would you rather be the slave on the bench or the one under it? Jasmine switches to the rattan cane next, and this is where the real pain comes in. The slave’s ass soon changes color from rosy pink to tram-lined red. The scene ends with Jasmine striking him repeatedly for a full minute, which causes the slave to thrash around on the bench, wondering exactly what it was he signed up for!

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