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Ms Bijou has increased her child to always value ladies, to literally leap when they break their fingers so when she finds out he’s been treating his partner Sara (Miss Xi) poorly she reacts promptly. She squeals for Patrick to enter the room. Bijou tells Xi to undo his belt as well as take down his pants. He will be embarrassed by reviewing mamma’s knee and spanked. Xi exposes his indiscretions, which she recognizes, as well as not only have they not had sex in ages yet he can’t even get it up. This information enrages Bijou. She spanks him as hard as she can until he is yelping like the little bitch he is.

She tells Xi to go obtain her phone and take some photos. These images will be made use of to insure he does as informed and Bijou informs Sara she have to resolve spanking him day-to-day. This will certainly be the initial step in establishing the excellent relationship. Likewise forever measure Bijou will certainly be sure to spank him routinely also.

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