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It’s time for Lady Karma’s slave to take some pain. He has already been completely humbled and degraded by Lady’s Karma’s slaps, spit and smoke. Lady Karma laughs as her slave crawls over to be caned by her. She hasn’t even touched him yet and he is already crying like a baby. He tells Lady Karma that he doesn’t like pain and he doesn’t like to be caned. Well that’s too bad for him because Lady Karma’s slaves take a lot of pain, whether they like it or not. She explains to her property that he will learn to be a pain slut if he wants to serve her. Lady Karma makes him beg for her cane. Once the punishment begins her slave begins to cry even more. This gives Lady Karma an idea. She brings over a bucket and places it beneath her slave. She wants her bitch to fill the bucket with his slave tears. When Lady Karma finishes beating her bitch, the slave’s ass is covered in red welts marks and the bucket is full of slave tears. Lady Karma makes her slave kneel before her as she finishes him off by dumping the tear bucket all over his pathetic face. Lady Karma is happy with how her slave suffered for her. She is smiling and laughing as her slave continues to weep from his punishment.

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