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Reaping Day has come again. All of District 69’s naughtiest girls have had their names’ placed in a raffle for the selection of this year’s Spanking Games Tribute. The Head-Spank-Maker reaches into the vat of papers…”Alex Reynolds” has been selected as District 69 Tribute; her plumpjuicybottom now sentenced to anonslaughtof brutal spankings. But out of the crowd, a hand shoots up, and District 69 is met with their first volunteer Tribute: Christy Everspank. This turn of events can mean only one thing…a spank-off!Alex and Christy are sent to the Head-Spank-Maker’s office to have their bare bottoms’ “evaluated”; this is the only way to decipher who can take the hardest spanking, as well as who will be the best Spanking Games Tribute for District 69. One by one Alex and Christy are ordered over the exam table, their fat bottoms prepared for punishment…they whimper and squeal as the paddlesdescend and the evaluation begins.

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