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A boot slut should always know his place: at the end of the leash, awaiting commands from his Mistress. After all, he exists only to serve Her in the most demeaning of ways possible. I make My slave crawl on the dirty floor, he must focus on My extreme heel knee boots. It is his sole function to lick and polish them with his filthy little boot scrubbing tongue. I make sure his polisher is lubed up with some divine saliva from My mouth. I casually enjoy my cigar while i make the bitch do his dirty work. I’ll ash on him, spit on him and abuse him, treat him as a slave should be treated. When I don’t see enough motivation and boot worshipping commitment from him, I’m going to burn his rear end with My lit cigar, a bitch needs to know I am constantly watching and controlling him, failure to impress will only end in punishment.

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