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“You wear black high-heel stiletto boots (pls. no platform boots) and hold a whip in your hand. You go to a cage in which a slave is locked with a shock collar around his balls. After having welcomed you by kissing your boots he gets his first whiplashes and is shocked. Then you put him on a leash and lead him to the wet muddy flower beds. You make him kneel before you and tie his hands behinds his back. He gets some heavy face slaps and you spit in his mouth and face. As the slave complained about his food earlier you are going to give him a feast. You take a couple slices of bread and throw them into the wet muddy flower beds. You step on the slices of bread, pushing them further into the wet mud. At first, you order the slave to lick the sole of your boot clean. Then he must eat the bread directly from the muddy ground like the pig that he is and you push his head down with your boot. Finally you force the slaves to thank you for the delicious food. You walkaway after giving him some more lashes and spitting into his face/mouth and order him to finish his meal . Pls. also bully the slave and whip and shock him during the clip.”

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