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“Every Goddess should have a toilet slave” Mistress T says perched on her porcelain toilet, having just emptied herself. She picks up the toilet paper and tosses it away saying “Who needs that.” She talks about the pleasure of feeling a nice wet, warm tongue in her asshole. She snaps her fingers and calls her toilet bitch. “That’s a good boy, so devoted” she says, petting his head. “You will do anything to please me, wouldn’t you?” she asks him and says this is the most intimate time of the day for the two of them. She has him stick out his tongue and then stands up, places one foot on the toilet and spreads her ass cheeks so he can start cleaning her.

The camera comes down from below and you can see Mistress T’s pussy and bum hole and see the tongues slave as it licks up and down to get her clean. “Such a lucky boy” she tells him. Now she tells him to swirl his tongue around her hole and to really appreciate the taste and feel of her. She then turns and sits down on the toilet, bringing her ass right to the edge of the seat so she can watch him rimming her hole. She tells him to move back and inspect his own work and you can see that she is now nice and clean. “Now fuck off” she tells him. She removes her robe and walks away maybe to have a shower maybe to subject another slave to something as equally nasty.

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