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Miss Raevyn reclines on the bed, leisurely reading a sex toy catalogue. “This is a nice cock. It reminds me of my boyfriend’s cock,” she says, pointing to a photo on a page full of beautiful, hard cocks. cocks worthy of a Goddess like Raevyn. The camera zooms back and we see that Raevyn has her now-blackmailed brother on his knees, sniffing her ass. She looks at him with disgust. She finds him revolting, especially after seeing all those studs in the magazine. “I don’t hear you sniffing,” she says sharply, which triggers bro to start sniffing for all he’s worth. “I’m good enough to let you sniff my ass and you’re not doing it,” she admonishes. She looks directly at you now, and says “I’m sure you would do a better job, wouldn’t you?” She threatens to replace her brother and reminds him that if she dumps him, Dad will see the video she took of him sniffing Mom’s and her used panties, as seen in the clip ‘Mom and Sis Panty Sniffing Blackmail’. The camera angles give you a full-length view of Raevyn, starting at her feet, panning up her legs, and finishing with her sweet bubble butt.

Raevyn reminds her brother that in addition to the fallout from Dad, he will of course never get an ass like hers again. He has a lot to lose, so becomes quite diligent in performing his task, careful not to talk back or do anything to upset his owner. “Can you smell my farts? I’ve farted a lot in these panties, and in fact, I didn’t wipe myself after using the toilet so all of that is ground in, too.” She tells him that she no longer needs to wipe her ass because she thinks of him as her toilet paper. She moves him back and lifts her panties away from her anus, giving him a perfect view. She asks if she’s the only girl he fantasizes about now, and of course, he says yes. “I’ve spoiled you for any other girl,” she tells him. She instructs him to kiss her ass cheeks and reminds him that she now owns him. As he kisses, she goes back to enjoying her magazine. She says she will be buying one of the strapons in order to fuck him up the ass, and then he’ll know how it feels for her when her boyfriend fucks her up the ass. “We’ll finally have something in common,” she says with a smile. She tells him that if he keeps working hard, she’ll eventually let him stick his tongue up her ass, but he must earn this. She tells him to get his nose back in her hole and to breathe in deeply. Finally, she has him move back against the wall, just to gaze at her ass again. “I think you’re addicted,” she says to him, before she looks at you again, and says “I think you’re addicted, too.”

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