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Miss Madison really has to evacuate her bowels so she has called her slave right into the dungeon to bless him with her farts and also if he’s fortunate a good meal. As the scene opens the very first fart runs away so she orders the servant in quickly to obtain his nose in between her ass cheeks. She grins and pokes fun at his desperation and after that blurts a couple of even more. “They’re truly juicy” she claims. “Do you want to eat my ass and also be my commode?” she asks him and also he says he does. He appears like he has his nose on a container of pawpers the method he is smelling it all in. Now she tells him to provide long tongue licks over her asshole. The servant licks as well as Madison lets out a regular stream of farts, she enjoys her power over this weak shcl1t eater. She informs him not to clean his face for the rest of the day. “You’ll be scenting that in your cage all night” she informs him.

Miss Madison currently tells the servant to inform her just how much he loves it as well as how badly he intends to be her bathroom. This slave grovels Girlfriends with the very best of them, he truly wants her to fill his mouth. She tells him he will certainly eat it all as well as any type of he misses he will lick up. “Mistress doesn’t desire a dirty dungeon” she claims. Great deals of fantastic close activity of her ass being licked. She also has the servant move back so you can obtain a more detailed look prior to calling him back in to wrap his lips around her hole and also just in the nick of time as a wet fart fills his mouth. She checks out you and also claims “Do you want to be my toilet slave too?”

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