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A true slave knows that he isn’t good enough for pussy and his true purpose in life is to be an ass licker. He will eagerly accept any discipline his Mistress gives him in hopes that she may allow him to press his tongue against her pretty pink rose bud and suck and lick it for as long as she demands. In this hot clip you get six beautiful asses to serve including Princess Lily, Mistress Kandy, Domina Ruby, Goddess Mia, Miss Jasmine and Miss Raevyn. The scene opens with Lily kneeling on the bed looking over her shoulder as you gaze at her plump ass. She tells you to pull out your cock and start to stroke it. Be careful, the Mistresses will allow you to cum but not until the very last second. Can you control yourself for 7 full minutes?

Lily removes her panties and puts her hands on her ass and spreads her cheeks. “Is that what you have been dreaming about, calling my name in your sleep, oh Lily I live for your ass” she says. You get a great upward view of her ass and then her butt hole as she continues you to tease and torment you. The scene then rolls over and now we see Mia on the bed with her ass facing the camera. “This is your purpose, what you live for” she tells you and then details what that requires including full toilet duties. Next it is Lily on the bed and this time she has two slaves at her mercy. While one slave eagerly eats her ass she has another slave licking her stilettos. Ruby pulls her cheeks wide so you can see her hole as she then orders her slave to get his tongue inside her deep. “So lovely having two slaves, what a spoiled Mistress I am” she says. Next we find Ruby sitting on a stool with her ass hanging over the edge of the seat, a slave secured to it with cuffs. Again she spreads her ass wide and shows you her glorious love hole. “Get in there and lick it” she says. Meanwhile in another room we now drop in on Mistress Kandy who is also getting her hole licked. “I get so horny when my ass is getting licked” she says as she directs her slave as to how to give her the maximum pleasure. Kandy explains how she had her slave locked up for days and made him go without food because she wants him hungry for her ass. Kandy moves onto her back and starts to play with her pussy while the slave continues to lick her ass. Finally in the bathroom we see that Raven and Jasmine are in the tub. Their asses are right in your face. They fondle each others asses and spread their cheeks. They tell you to join them, this is your clue to shoot your load. You’ll be coming back to this clip again and again, ass licker.

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