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This is a lengthy anticipated match up in between two small freaks, Charlotte Sartre and Alexa Nova. These girls are of equal dimension, strength and ability and also today is going to be fun for both of them as well as the visitors. We see a remarkable power exchange between these girls. Both ladies place their hearts into this suit. Alexa uses her legs to spread Charlotte out and also get fingers inside. Charlotte uses her power to obtain Alexa pinned to the mat and also fondle her. This round goes the distance. The champion face fucks the loser and afterwards puts the loser right into a painful camel clutch. The Winner massages her clitoris throughout the back of the loser. The champion gets satisfaction while the loser obtains pain. The Victor after that puts the loser into a Boston crab and then drops one leg as well as finger blasts the loser. The loser is tormented with pain and also enjoyment from the victor. While the loser is recuperating from a stressful orgasm, The victor orders her head and face fucks it with a face resting orgasm.

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