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Red August has discarded her frail ass guy as well as has already discovered a far better man in her life that actually knows how to treat her like a Goddess. When her ex-boyfriend shows up to grab the last of his foolish things, he comes down on his hands and knees as well as begs for her forgiveness. She does not want a loser for a sweetheart any longer but may have use for him as her individual slave bitch. Tony will do anything to have her back and reluctantly consents to be her slave prior to understanding precisely what he was entering. Miss Red places her brand-new bitch to the test and also makes him strip nude and also worship her large equipping covered soles like the useless mat he absolutely is. So he was a real male he might’ve been venerating her pussy every day however rather he will just obtain her smelly stocking covered feet pushed deep down his throat …

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